[How does milk powder taste better?

】 _How to brew_How to brew

[How does milk powder taste better?
】 _How to brew_How to brew

Modern society pays attention to breast milk replacement because it is scientifically proven. The fat replaced by breast milk is indeed more nutritious and healthier.

But it does not necessarily mean that fatty acids without breastfeeding will be unhealthy. The key is to choose milk powder.

Sometimes the choice of milk powder depends on the actual situation of the baby, and you must not randomly choose imported milk powder.

So, how to make milk powder drink better?

Clean the appliance first with soap to wash your hands, use a clean sterilizer to add 8 minutes full of water, and prepare to heat.

Heat-resistant glass bottles, tweezers and other utensils are placed in the pot and boiled in cold water for 10 minutes, and then less heat-resistant appliances including pacifiers, nipples, and milk rings are wrapped in gauze and cooked for about 5 minutes.

After doing this, place the sterilized bottle in a clean place to dry for use.

Pour warm water into a baby bottle. Pour warm water into a baby bottle. The water temperature is preferably around 40 ° C. If it is boiling water, it is best to cool for half an hour.

Moms need to pay attention to the fact that they must pour water first to ensure accurate proportions.

If you put milk powder first, the ratio of water to milk powder will be wrong, and the washed milk will be too thick.

The best way to measure the amount of milk powder is to use the spoon in the milk powder package, because the amount of milk powder measured with this spoon is just right.

Different brands of milk powder may have different spoons, so they cannot be mixed.

Take a clean knife and use the back of the knife to scrape the milk powder on the spoon.

If there is such a smoothing tool in the milk powder box, it is the best.

Dissolve in the milk powder. Align the milk powder with the correct number of flat spoons at the bottle. Pour the milk powder into the bottle. Tighten the pacifier, cover the bottle, and shake gently.

Expectant mothers need to be careful not to shake up and down, and to shake left and right evenly.

Test the temperature before feeding. You only need to pour a few drops of milk on your wrist to test the temperature. You should not try to suck the milk directly from the adult to contaminate the bacteria in the oral cavity of the adult.