[Danger of creamer powder]_affect_sequelae

[Danger of creamer powder]_affect_sequelae

Creamer powder is a kind of artificially prepared milk taste product, which is made with additives and does not contain dairy products.

There are also many types of creamer powder. Adding it to some drinks can improve the taste and make these drinks better.

But the creamer powder contains trans fatty acids, which is a very unhealthy oil that is hard for the body to metabolize.

Poor quality creamer powder will cause cardiovascular disease, so it is best to drink less added creamer powder.

What is creamer powder? Creamer is added to coffee, tea and other beverages. It becomes a light creamy, smoother, thicker thing. It can be milky or milky, so-calledThe distinction between animal and plant.

Creamer is not a natural agricultural product, it is a kind of artificial preparation, so the formula of each product may be similar, but no two are exactly the same.

It is made by adding oil, sugar, protein, hydration and spray drying to powder.

It is a food ingredient to make drinks better.

Why is creamer powder harmful to plant fat? It is also called powder fat, creamer, a small amount of powder. It uses refined hydrogenated vegetable oil and a variety of food accessories as raw materials.

This product has good dispersibility, level, stability, etc. It can improve nutritional value and divergence in various foods, improve instant solubility and reconstitution, improve taste, and make the product more delicious.

In many stores, the creamer with coffee is free. What is it made of?

Is it milk?

Is it cream?

Don’t see “milk” in “creamer”, just take it for granted.

But in fact, no drop of milk or cream is used in the production of creamer. It is to add water to vegetable oil and mix and stir the additives instead of something similar to milk.

Among them, vegetable oils, more specifically hydrogenated vegetable oils, contain “trans fatty acids”.

Trans fatty acids are unhealthy ingredients, and they do far more damage to the heart than any animal oil.

Foods containing carbonated vegetable oils may contain trans fatty acids. Poor quality creamers can cause cardiovascular diseases. Experts point out that so-called milk tea contains calcium and a lot of vitamins compared to milk, and has a low protein content.

There are almost no useful nutrients in milk.

However, milk tea contains a large amount of feces and transformation, and drinking too much is bad for the body.

In addition, food additives such as creamer and saccharin are not scary.

But in general, milk tea shops need to reduce costs and use inferior creamer and saccharin, which are illegal additives and have great harm to health.