[Do you need anti-inflammatory drugs for breast lobular hyperplasia?]

[Do you need anti-inflammatory drugs for breast lobular hyperplasia?]

Female friends will be very afraid of suffering from gynecological diseases or breast diseases, because these two diseases have a great impact on women’s health and will affect women’s normal life.

In breast disease, there is a disease called breast lobular hyperplasia, which is a very common consequence.

Although mammary lobular hyperplasia does not have a great impact on women’s bodies, it still has a certain effect. So, do you need to take anti-inflammatory drugs in this case?

What is breast lobular hyperplasia?

Breast lobular hyperplasia is one of the most common breast diseases. Breast hyperplasia is often referred to as lobular hyperplasia.

Some women are asymptomatic and found during physical examination. Other women have symptomatic breast pain, which is usually synchronized with the menstrual cycle. The pain is obvious before menstruation, and the pain is reduced or disappeared after menstruation.

Are there many people with lobular hyperplasia?

Mammary lobular hyperplasia is very common among women. About 70-80% of women of childbearing age have mammary hyperplasia to varying degrees. Is there some common manifestation of mammary lobular hyperplasia?

1) Mainly due to the gradual appearance of breast swelling, which is characterized by pain, the occurrence of pain is obviously related to menstrual period, obvious before menstruation, and relieved or disappeared after menstruation.

2) Some patients can feel one or more breast lumps when touching. The lumps may shrink or soften after menstruation.

3) Nipple discharge appears in a small number of patients.

The discharge is generally clear and colorless.

However, nipple discharge may also occur in breast cancer due to urinoma. When this symptom occurs, it is recommended to consult a doctor in time for diagnosis.

What are the dangers of lobular hyperplasia?

Some patients with breast lobular hyperplasia may have pain, discomfort and other discomforts. If they are more sensitive to pain, it will have a significant impact on the patient’s quality of life.

How is breast lobular hyperplasia treated?

If there are no symptoms, or patients with mild symptoms, you can leave the treatment and check the breast molybdenum target or breast ultrasound every year.

If the pain is obvious, it can be relieved by wearing appropriate underwear and pain medication.